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Full details on the Baby Dancing Groot that I made. Pics and vid. HERE


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Do you ever look at your collectible action figures or statues and think that they look a bit lifeless? A bit dead behind the eyes? Or even that they don't look like who they're supposed to?


Do you wish they weren't so toy like?


For almost a decade I've had collectors from all around the world sending me their prized possessions so that they can be transformed. I take each item and completely repaint them from scratch, breathing life and individuality into each one. With every portrait that I do I'm attempting to raise the bar in terms of just how much a collectible can be improved. Not only to improve the likeness of a piece, but to capture the emotion and character associated with them.  


I usually spend between one and two weeks hand painting each piece. Dozens of subtle layers are painted on using the smallest of brushes, and when it is finished you no longer have a mass produced item but a unique one of a kind museum piece. Nothing leaves my studio until I am completely happy with it.


If you've had a look through my gallery and you're interested in having me transform something in your collection then click here for commission details. Or if you have any questions then have a read through the Frequently Asked Questions.


Feel free to drop me a line using the contact page and I'll get back to you!


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